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10-Piece Screwdriver Set with Phillips and Slotted (Flathead) heads

10-Piece Screwdriver Set with Phillips and Slotted (Flathead) heads

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Screwdriver Types:

  • The set includes a total of 10 screwdrivers, consisting of 5 Phillips head screwdrivers (PH0, PH1, PH2) and 5 Slotted (Flathead) screwdrivers (PH0, PH1, PH2). This variety covers a wide range of common screw types and sizes.

High-Quality Chrome Vanadium Steel:

  • The screwdrivers' rods are made of high-quality chrome vanadium steel, which is known for its toughness and wear resistance. This material choice ensures the durability and long lifespan of the screwdrivers, even with frequent use.

Convenient Handle Design:

  • The handles of the screwdrivers are designed for user convenience. They are covered with a textured surface to prevent slipping during use. Additionally, each handle has a hole at the top, allowing you to hang the screwdrivers for easy storage and access.

Easy Storage and Portability:

  • All the screwdrivers are neatly organized in a bag, making it easy to take them out when needed. The bag is designed to be compact and suitable for carrying the screwdrivers while also providing storage. This feature helps keep the screwdrivers organized and prevents loss.

Variety of Lengths:

  • The set includes screwdrivers of different lengths, ranging from 3.93 inches (100mm) to 10.35 inches (263mm). These varying lengths are useful for accessing screws in different locations and depths, providing versatility for your tasks.

In summary, this screwdriver set is a practical and versatile toolkit suitable for various DIY projects, household repairs, and general maintenance tasks. The inclusion of both Phillips and Slotted screwdrivers, along with different lengths, makes it a valuable addition to your toolbox, offering the right tool for various screwdriving needs. The convenient handle design and easy storage in the provided bag enhance its usability and organization.

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