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50 PCS Heavy Duty Lynch Pin Assortment Kit Tractor Pins 3 Point Hitch Pins for T

50 PCS Heavy Duty Lynch Pin Assortment Kit Tractor Pins 3 Point Hitch Pins for T

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  • Lynch Pin Assortment Kit Material:The tractor linch pins are made from high-quality carbon steel .The pins are much stronger than a cotter pin or a hitch pin clip,this makes them ideal to use with heavy-duty agricultural three-point hitch type of equipment.
  • Security: The Spring steel self-locking rings provide enough security to keep your mating components in place.
  • Surface Treatment: The lynch pins have a yellow zinc plating .The finish is the result of a zinc dichromatecoating that protects the steel so that does not corrode as quickly.
  • Easy to Use: They are easily installed by releasing the self-locking ring, inserting the pin into the mating hole, and snapping the ring shut over the pin.
  • Versatile: Lynch pins often work in conjunction with other three-point pins . They are often used to attach tractor implements,hitch pins, secure trailer couplers, or doors, among a variety of other applications where quick connecting/disconnecting between mating parts is desired.

Item: lynch pin assortment Kit
Material: high quality carbon steel
Surface Treatment: yellow zinc plating, anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
Features:with an integral spring retainer,making the fixing easy and firm
Package Include:
3/16"x 1-7 / 16" 16 PCS
1/4"x 1-3 / 4" 18 PCS
5/16"x 1-3 / 4" 6 PCS
7/16 "x 1-3 / 4" 10 PCS
Total: 50pcs

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