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B.Tan Darkest Self Tanner Mini Kit | Tanned Travel Bundle

B.Tan Darkest Self Tanner Mini Kit | Tanned Travel Bundle

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  • i'm perfect for anyone looking for the darkest, darkest tan possible
  • i come with our best selling mitt so you can create the most awesome, dark tan on the planet
  • 1 hour development time, leave on for 4+ hours for darker results
  • i'm 100% vegan, free of nasties like parabens and i love animals so am 100% cruelty free





the glow down

how dark?
darker darker dark insanely dark darkest possible
1 hour tan
100% vegan
cruelty free
paraben + sulfate free

do i have to exfoliate before tanning?

look, if you follow any advice, it’s to exfoliate or prep your skin with a tan eraser. if you have any dirt or dead skin cells hangin’ round, your chances of having a patchy tan are much, much higher because the tan will fade in some spots quicker

can i tan my face?

you can use any of our self tan/gradual tan products on the face as well! we recommend only using the left over residue left on your mitt after you've tanned your whole body so that you don't use too much (our faces absorb product easier)

is the tan going to streak or go blotchy?

our biggest tip is that tan loves hydrated, smooth skin, so ensure your skin is well exfoliated, hydrated afterwards by drinking water and moisturizing daily!

can i get dressed after i apply the tan, or how long do i have to wait?

we recommend waiting until the tan feels slightly dry on the skin - then chuck on some loose, dark clothing - to prevent any unwanted staining and rubbing from tight clothes - and you’re good to go!

do i need to shower off the tan with soap after it has been left on?

for the first shower after tanning we recommend no soaps, lukewarm water and only a super quick (approx. 45 seconds) rinse so that the tanning actives can keep developing to their darkest potential.

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