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Broom and Dustpan Set with Dustpan, Ideal for Dog Cat Pets Home Use

Broom and Dustpan Set with Dustpan, Ideal for Dog Cat Pets Home Use

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  1. Adjustable Length with Extension Pole: The broom comes with an optional extension pole that can extend the broom's length from 39.76 to 51.18 inches. This allows users to choose the appropriate length according to their height. The longer handle enables you to stand upright comfortably while sweeping, eliminating the need for bending.

  2. Upgraded Four-Row Bristles Design: The 2023 upgraded broom features a four-row bristles design. The high-quality bristle construction is denser and more durable. These eco-friendly bristles are made from recycled PET bottles, reflecting a commitment to environmental protection.

  3. Clip-On Feature for Upright Storage: The clip-on feature of the broom and dustpan set allows them to stand upright together, creating an efficient space-saving solution. This compact storage option keeps your living or work space clean and organized. The design is suitable for multi-surface use indoors.

  4. Built-In Scraper and Comb/Teeth: The broom features a built-in scraper and comb/teeth, facilitating easy cleaning of the broom into the dustpan. The teeth effectively remove pet hair and human hair from the broom's bristles with a single pull. The rubber lip of the dustpan is flush with the floor, and the teeth efficiently clean out the broom's bristles.

In summary, this broom and dustpan set offers practical and user-friendly features. Its adjustable length, eco-friendly bristles, upright storage capability, and built-in scraper and comb make it an efficient tool for keeping your space clean and tidy.



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