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Embroidex - 20 Spool Thread Stand for All Home Embroidery Machines

Embroidex - 20 Spool Thread Stand for All Home Embroidery Machines

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  • ★ The Embroidex 20 Thread Stand makes it easy to stay organized at your machine. Simply load your favorite 20 thread colors, in any put-up, and you’ll be ready for take-off. We are confident you’ll become so organized and efficient that you’ll need extra thread! This amazing thread organizer neatly accommodates King Cones, mini-king, snap spools, wound and cross-wound sewing spools.
  • ★ Place behind your machine, makes thread color changes quick and easy.
  • ★ Compatible with all home embroidery machines.


1. Saves time during thread changes 2. Organize thread by sequence for an embroidery design. No more confusion about which color thread is next. 3. Controls unwieldy horizontal spools 4. Cuts thread tails with a gentle swipe 5. Includes a specialty thread guide, king spool stabilizers, thread retainer and four horizontal spool pins Easy to Use Simply select the thread, feed it through the guide and thread your machine. The Thread Pilot handles all types of threads, decorative yarns and narrow flat ribbons.


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