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Premium Boot and Shoe Cream Polish - Made in the USA

Premium Boot and Shoe Cream Polish - Made in the USA

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  • 100% Leather
  • POLISH & SHINE LEATHER FOOTWEAR - Restore the color, shine and beauty to worn leather boots & shoes with this 3 pc. buffing brush and cloth set. Breathe new life into old footwear and make a dazzling first impression by eliminating scuffs, scratches and color fading.
  • 2X NATURAL HORSEHAIR BRISTLE BRUSH - These shoe shine brushes are crafted with 100% natural horsehair bristles. Soft texture won't scratch leather and the bristles' strong ability to absorb water and avoid static electricity makes them perfect for cleaning & polishing.
  • SMOOTH ERGONOMIC WOODEN HANDLE - Easily apply cream polish and buff to a high degree of shine in total comfort. A 6" long smooth, splinter-free solid wood handle provides comfortable grip, better leverage for brushing and keeps your hands and nails clean.
  • ULTRA-SOFT POLISHING CLOTH - Make your leather look incredible with an ultra-soft microfiber polishing cloth. This premium quality cloth is an extra large size 11.5" x 11.5" and made to professionally buff and reveal the rich, warm tones and shine of the leather.
  • WORLD-CLASS CRAFTSMANSHIP - Red Moose brand products bring a professional, elevated level of quality to everyday shoe care and leather repair. Premium horsehair cleaning brushes are a result of authentic engineering and master craftsmanship.

Product Description

Restore boots and shoes to pristine like-new condition with Red Moose Premium Boot & Shoe Cream Polish.

Leather boots and fine leather footwear are important investments that should last for years. But no matter what, weather exposure and daily wear & tear will damage even the best of shoes over time.

Choose from 9 colors, tones and combo packs to match every pair of shoes in your wardrobe. Get ready to fall in love with your footwear all over again!


  • Cleans, Preserves and Restores Color
  • Rich in Natural Waxes and Oils
  • Shines and Cleans
  • Easy to Use
  • Long-Lasting Application
  • 1.5 Oz Jar
  • Made in USA

With Red Moose shoe polish cream it’s never too late for that old pair of worn-out shoes in the closet. Revive and revitalize even the most cracked and scuffed leather shoes with just one application. The colored cream fills in scratches and gouges in the leather which are then buffed and blended, restoring your shoe’s gleam and color profile in minutes.


Red Moose Boot & Shoe Cream Polish brings shoes back to their full stylish potential and preserves their longevity with a nourishing blend of natural waxes and oils.


Shoe and leather maintenance doesn’t have to be a bore or feel like a chore. Our high quality non-runny polish cream takes the hassle out of taking care of your shoes, so you look well-groomed and well put-together in any outfit.

Get ready for all the compliments! Your boots and shoes will shine and look better than they have in months, or even years.

For even more fantastic solutions for everyday shoe care & repair, check out Red Moose premium travel cleaning kits!

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