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Premium Drywall Screws, 150Pcs, 8 Sizes Wood Screws Assortment Kit, Phillips Tip

Premium Drywall Screws, 150Pcs, 8 Sizes Wood Screws Assortment Kit, Phillips Tip

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  • 【THE PERFECT SCREW FOR USE AROUND THE HOUSE】Are you tired of looking for a variety of different sizes of screws for small jobs around the house? No more hunting around to find the right screw for the job. This drywall screws assortment set comes in a variety of lengths and the screws are well made to fit your tool rack so you don't have to make an extra trip
  • 【A GREAT CHOICE FOR ANY SMALL DIY PROJECT】As someone who loves to push and fix around the house, this multipurpose wooden screw assortment is a perfect fit for your garage and garden project needs, allowing you to enhance your home's security and make a range of home upgrades , very strong and durable.
  • 【READY TO GIFT】 This drywall screws set is perfect as the best gift for first-time home buyers and can be placed on a workbench or at home for easy access, contains all the size screws needed for a new apartment renovation, a novice can easily install TV wall mounts, curtain rods Supports, webcams, indoor fitness equipment for children, artistic photo frames, replacement mailboxes, etc.
  • 【VARIOUS SIZES】 This set of drywall screws contains 8 common sizes 30pcsx3/4'', 30pcsX1'', 25pcs x 1 1/4", 25pcs x 1 3/8'', 15pcs x 1 5/8'' , 15pcs x 2'', 10pcs x 2 1/2'', 10pcs x 3''. Assorted Screws are packaged in a plastic box with well-organized screws. This is a must for any handyman, repairman or homeowner, very Convenient for you to carry and store anytime, anywhere.


Material: black carbon steel
Quantity: 150PCS drywall screws / wood screws
Colour: Black
Drive type: Philips drive
Head style: Horn head

The package includes:

#7* 3/4''-20mm ----- (25PCS) wood screws
#7 *1''-25mm ---- (25PCS) wood screws
#7 *1-1 / 4''-30mm --- (25PCS) wood screws
#7* 1- 3/8''-35mm ----(25PCS) wood screws
#7 * 1-5 / 8''-40mm ----(15PCS) wood screws
#7 * 2''-50mm ----(15PCS) wood screws
#7* 2-1 / 2''-60mm ---(10Pcs) wood screws
#7 * 3"-70mm -----(10Pcs) wood screws
150Pcs drywall screws / wood screws, with transparent storage box
enough to hold all screws, easy to transport, store and use.

Caveat: The product has sharp areas, please keep away from children


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