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225Pcs 2-in-1 Fender Washers with 890Pcs Metric Screws Kit

225Pcs 2-in-1 Fender Washers with 890Pcs Metric Screws Kit

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  • Enhance your fastening projects with the 225Pcs 2-in-1 Fender Washers with 890Pcs Metric Screws Kit. Crafted from standard-quality 304 stainless steel, these washers and metric bolts and nuts offer benefits such as corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, and high hardness. This ensures durability even in adverse weather conditions like rain, humidity, and high temperatures.
  • Our comprehensive set includes stainless steel washers in 15 sizes, ranging from M3 to M12, and a Metric Screws Assortment Kit with 16 different bolt sizes, 4 sizes of nuts, 8 sizes of flat washers and lock washers each, along with 2 sizes of screws. This versatile assortment caters to various project needs, providing convenience and flexibility for your fastening requirements.
  • The washers for bolts in 15 sizes (225 pieces) are individually packaged in a zip lock within a transparent box to prevent size mixing. Additionally, all nuts, bolts, and screws are individually packaged in zip lock bags with compartments for each size, ensuring separation, organization, and travel-friendliness within the nut and bolt assortment set box.
  • Our versatile kit serves various applications. The washer kit reduces friction and pressure, preventing leakage and dispersing pressure for improved functionality. Simultaneously, the metric bolts assortment is ideal for home improvement, electronics, wooden work, furniture, vehicles, automobiles, and various DIY projects, providing convenience and versatility for different tasks.


Enhance your fastening projects with our Fender Washers designed for optimal stability with screws, bolts, and metric screws. Paired with our Metric Screws kit, this comprehensive combination ensures you have the right hardware for various applications. Whether for automotive repairs, DIY projects, or industrial tasks, our Fender Washers and Metric Screws kit offer durability and convenience for your fastening needs.


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