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3" COMMON CUT Nails-Antique Style -10D (1 Lb)

3" COMMON CUT Nails-Antique Style -10D (1 Lb)

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Distinctive gorgeous old fashioned reproduction nails. These are decorative Common nails are antique reproduction steels nails with a metallic finish. The look is that of hundreds of years ago, antique Common Square Head nails that have any number of uses like, decorative nails for hanging pictures, shutter nails, cabins, cabinets, antique floor nails, upholstery, door studs and decorative nails for furniture. The only limit is your imagination. These decorative nails are sometimes referred to as rose heads, square head nails, cast iron nails, decorative clavos, cut nails, common nails, flooring nails decorative tacks and even horseshoe nails. The decorative head is somewhat rounded and somewhat three sided and raised irregular shape. These decorative wrought head nails will bring a level of authenticity and elegance to your project. 

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