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850 PCS Screws Assortment Kit Drywall Anchors Set Includes 15Sizes

850 PCS Screws Assortment Kit Drywall Anchors Set Includes 15Sizes

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  • MORE SIZES SCREW SET. 850PCS mixed different types of household drywall anchors and screws assortment kit includes: 3 sizes of expanding screw kit, 3 sizes of self tapping screws for metal, 3 sizes of machine screws, 2 sizes of washers, and 1 size of nuts. All screws conform to Phillips crosshead. Metric assorted screws set with case, meet various install needs.
  • TOP-NOTCH DURABLE MATERIAL. Drywall anchor plastic parts made of PE composite material, mechanical screws made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, Phillips flat head wood screws made of mild steel, harder than cheap high carbon steel screws are not easy to break, screws surface galvanized not easy to rust. Washers thickness up to 1.5mm, suitable for any screws in the kit, nut type to fit all sizes of mechanical screws.
  • HOUSEHOLD TYPE. We carefully select these most commonly used categories and sizes according to the daily repair and maintenance needs of the home. Meet your maintenance needs around the furniture house, garage, garden, office and other DIY projects. It is a basic fastener kit that is always available at home.
  • NO-MIX COMPARTMENTS. Thickened storage box and removable nesting dividers. We customized this versatile general screw set with a thickened, sturdy PP plastic box with product and size labels inside for easy use, and removable dividers for flexible storage. Small parts organizer is reusable so you can refill it with new screws when you're done using it.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE AND ADVICE. We guarantee a 100% refund on the drywall anchors and screws assortment kit we offer after a trial period of dissatisfaction. We also hope to receive more suggestions for kit combination needs, so that we can organize our products better!


Product Description


meet your repair needs for small projects

850 pieces of screws and wall anchors, bolts, nuts, washers, our kits are the perfect toolbox to take along for DIY or home improvement projects.


850pcs Screws Assortment

Our story

TOOLSTRONGMAN is a brand created by a group of young people. By researching the consumer market for screw purchase models, we have organized the drywall anchor sizes that are often used in homes into kits.

  • We have our own factory with a complete production line and take every step seriously from material procurement to production, quality inspection and packaging of finished products.
  • We are more than willing to communicate with our customers in order to produce and match the type of products that better meet the needs of life.


Our hardware is the perfect kit for DIY or home improvement projects. No more trips to the store for 1 screw!

This screws, drywall anchors, nuts, washers and bolt size setting is a good solution to more than 90% of the repair needs encountered in the house.

  • QUANTITY: 850PCS, including 3 sizes of expansion screws, 3 sizes of self-tapping screws, 3 sizes of machine screws, 2 sizes of spacers, 1 size of nuts.
  • MATERIAL: Mechanical screws are made of 304 stainless steel. Other screws are made of stainless steel galvanized. Sturdy and corrosion resistant, with strong load bearing capacity.
  • PACKAGING: No mixing compartments, interlocking lids prevent hardware mixing, removable nested dividers can be re-arranged for further customization.
  • SIZE FIT: Nuts and spacers fit any screw model in the box.


Mechanical pan head screws :

M6x10mm 50PCS / M6x25mm 30PCS / M6x40mm 20PCS

Washers & Hexagonal nuts :

M6*13mm*1.5mm 175PCS / M6*16mm*1.5mm 100PCS / M6*32mm 100PCS

Wood Screws :

M4x14mm 150PCS / M4x30mm 50PCS / M4x35mm 45PCS

Drywall Anchors & Screws :

M6x25mm 25PCS gray + M4x25mm 25PCS

M6x30mm 25PCS yellow + M4x30mm 25PCS

M6x40mm 15PCS white + M4x43mm 15PCS




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