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Contour Gauge, Updated Version of the Contour Gauge with Lock

Contour Gauge, Updated Version of the Contour Gauge with Lock

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  • REFERENCE LINES ADVANTAGES - The contour gauge tool is updated with three black reference lines to be used to perfectly align the copied material to adjacent pieces. as is shown in the INCLUDED MANUAL
  • EASY TO USE - Align the contour gauge duplicator reference lines to the guide-lines created with the 11” ruler, copy, lock, transfer, install - The easiest and most accurate way to transfer any uncommon angles-shapes
  • PREMIUM QUALITY - angle gauge is made of high quality and durable ABS plastic, the angled pins will not scratch the finished area to be duplicated; The 11” RULER is made of SOLID ACRYLIC material with a lasered scale, Double-Sided Ruler in both inch/Cm
  • LOCKING MECHANISM - super gauge tool is upgraded with a metal core mechanism that makes the profile gauge a long-lasting tool. you can easily adjust the lock tightness to keep the contoured shape and transfer accurately every time
  • 11” SOLID ACRYLIC RULER - The Ruler was created with the purpose of making it faster and easier to connect marks and create guidelines to work with the profile tool reference lines without the need for a tape measure

CALO tools have created the updated version of the contour gauge duplicator
with lock, reference lines, and a solid acrylic ruler.
Contour Gauge
CALO tools gauge is made of ABS material with a metal core mechanism
that was created to make your tools last longer than regular gauges
The ABS material would not mar the finished surface.
The contour gauge duplicator with adjustable lock dimensions are;
5”W x 11”L x ¾”H.
Reference Lines
The three black reference lines on the CALO tools contour gauge would eliminate the
guessing work of copying and misplacing the angles on the material to be duplicated.
With the reference lines, you would be able to identify the correct placement on
the new workpiece to create the desired reveals and angles.
The angle measuring tool and ruler combination are the most
precise tools for copying odd shapes and angles.
11” Acrylic Ruler
CALO tools ruler is made of black solid acrylic material.
The scale and numbers are lasered in white color for better visibility.
Ruler dimensions are; 1 ½”W x 11”L x ¾”H.

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