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Stainless Steel 7.4" Fishing Pliers Hook Remover Tool Kits and Accessories 8 in

Stainless Steel 7.4" Fishing Pliers Hook Remover Tool Kits and Accessories 8 in

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  • [Corrosion & Saltwater Resistant Fishing Pliers] Stainless Steel Fishing Pliers, Work in Saltwater and Freshwater, 7.4 Inches Total Length with A Sinker Crusher and A-Line Cutter, Suitable for Most of the Fishing Occasions.
  • [Multi-Functional] Specially Designed Stainless Steel Fishing Plier Apply to multipurpose, Such as Opening Split Rings, Cutting Fishing Lines, Cinching Knots, Crimping A Split Shot Weight, Tuning Baits, Building Stell Leader.
  • [Fishing Pliers with All Accessories] The Anti-Rust Pliers comes with A Storage Bag and Wire coil Lanyard for Easy Carrying and Better protection of pliers. An Additional Bottle of Maintenance Oil to Keep Your Pliers or Other Fishing Tools in Good Condition.
  • [Fishing Tying Knot Tool & Professional Hook Cleaner] 1 Pcs 4-in-1 Multifunction Fishing Knot-Tying Tool, Line Clipper, Hook Sharpener and Hook Eye Cleaner & 1 Pcs Stainless Steel Hook Cleaner Suitable for all Kinds of Fishing Hook.
  • [Fly Fishing Zinger Retractor] 2Pcs 1.5 Ounce Retraction Force. Equipped with a retractable reel Nylon Cord, Attach to Your Fishing Vest, and Keep Your Gear Always Handy and Never Lost.

Tool Kit Includes

  • 1* Stainless Steel Fishing Plier
  • 1* Maintenance Oil
  • 1* Storage Bag for Fishing Plier
  • 1* Wire coil Lanyard
  • 1* Fly Fishing Knot Tying Tool
  • 2* Zinger Retractor
  • 1* Professional Hook Eye




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